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The regenerative thermal oxidation allows solvent oxidation by increasing the polluted air temperature over 750-800 °C with a high efficiency heat recovery system using ceramic material.

Starting from 1995 till today, Donau Carbon Technologies Srl, with more than 100 combustors of this type having capacities between 5.000 and 200.000 Nm3/h, achieved very high quality and reliability levels. Therefore actually Donau Carbon’s products represent the State of the Art.

Donau Carbon Technologies Srl fulfils markets requirements by offering regenerative combustors also for particular applications, like treatment of CO streams produced by industrial processes, treatment of odors and treatment of flue gases coming from waste processing.

The regenerative thermal oxidation plant is usually composed by 3 towers: in presence of high air flowrate it could be realized also with 5 towers.

Donau Carbon Technologies Srl offers these two solutions, depending from the necessities, whereas doesn’t offer 2 towers systems, with compensation chamber, nowadays obsolete types, which cannot grant similar performances.

Each regenerative chamber contains a ceramic matrix which, depending on the direction of flow, absorbs the heat from the waste gas after combustion or preheats the air prior to combustion.
The exhaust air coming from the process is pushed by a fan through the bed in chamber 1, and after the oxidation of pollutants it flows out through the bed of chamber 2.

During this phase, while the ceramic material of chamber 1 cool up and the one of the chamber 2 heat up, chamber 3 is cleaned and the residual of the previous cycle is delivered to the plant inlet.

After a fixed time the flow inversion arrives: chamber 1 is now cool and is cleaned, chamber 2, heated up by the flow coming out from the combustion chamber is crossed by the incoming flow, this goes out by chamber 3 after oxidation.
The average cycle time varies from 60 to 120 seconds depending on the nature and concentration of the individual contaminants.

The combustion temperature is normally maintained at 800°C by the heat produced from the oxidation of the VOC’s, or, if the VOC concentration is low, by addition of support fuel.

In the case that, due to high pollutant concentrations, there is residual heat into the flue gases, recuperative burner can be installed.


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